Julien Foussard

Julien Foussard

Julien Foussard launched into the business world in 2007 at the age of twenty-one, as a serial entrepreneur. I paused my Business studies in France to found my first start up, an online pet shop. Self-taught and very optimistic, I knew from the age of 12 that I wanted to be at the heart of startup creation. Julien Foussard quickly understood that a startup is more than an entity. It’s a project, a state of mind carried by its founder’s beliefs, devoid of constraints, based on innovation, dynamism and information. My ability to self-teach and optimism made me a great candidate for business development. My willingness to alter the status quo and upturn established systems have been the engine that pushed my entrepreneurial drive.

Since 2007, I have continued my journey and launched ten more businesses. I discovered in 2010 the business model of subscription based digital services, which has become my key focus until 2015. From 2016, I have been fully focused on my new company: Oyst.com.

The main ingredients for success of all of my startups are passion and savoir-faire. I believe to be an entrepreneur, one must be a person with a high capacity for problem solving in any circumstance and aspect of business. I also believe it is extremely important to remove the guilt attached to failure and to make it a simple step towards success.


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“Don’t overthink. Go to market as quickly as possible”: Regardless of your experience, intelligence, the number of people surrounding you, you cannot foresee everything. The market gives you direction. Avoid seeking perfection: a project is never perfect, it evolves over time. – Julien Foussard


Serial Entrepreneur

You can only be good at something if you are passionate. Being an entrepreneur means doing things thoroughly: ever more, ever further, ever more ambitious from one project to another. A startup is more than a company; it is something very personal and you can easily become emotionally attached to it. A good entrepreneur is not necessarily the best CEO. When the company grows, pass the torch and find someone who shares your values and drive.

Angel Investor

Angel investing is way more than a passion; it is a duty for an entrepreneur who has succeeded. Without continue support of senior angel investors, I probably would have failed in many of my projects. Helping the young and ambitious entrepreneurs is a great way to ensure the future of the system and express your gratitude. I founded Iron Capital to capture that spirit of engagement and community and provide much more than money to our portfolio entrepreneurs.


Who wants to live forever? I am strongly convinced that aging is only a medical issue that can be solved by science. My entire entrepreneurial project ultimately aims to create a foundation for the development of technologies in favour of the extension of the human life to immortality : push back the disease, aging and death, and perhaps one day live up to 1000 years or more. Immortality is more than a personal project, but a contribution to the world.



galion_projectThe Galion Project brings together entrepreneurs with the ambition to change the world through breakthrough innovation. The aim is to exchange together to build the future digital champions.

French Connect London is a private club that brings together the influential french tech entrepreneurs and investors in London.